How well are your salespeople able to generate new business thanks to added value and a strategic approach?

Most salespeople have the tendency to take care of those functions at the customer that are responsible for purchasing/procurement. Although the customer’s contacts are contacted frequently, this is a reactive sales approach.  The salesperson often has to wait for an excessive length of time until the customer has transformed the self-created demand into a request for proposal.

The option of looking for the customer’s current and future need for change and to discuss this with the contacts responsible for the business and to transform it into a joint project appears to be more strenuous, but is generally financially more attractive. This proactive sales approach of demand generation has the major advantage that the salesperson is able to assist in the tendering procedure and can at the same time establish the important network of contacts

Experience shows that only the minority of salespeople are able to understand and apply this lucrative sales approach which is aimed at ‚demand creation‘.



Since companies can ill afford to replace the entire sales force, BENEfit has developed modules with which the BENEfit customers are able to develop and improve the understanding and skills of their consultants and salespeople  with regard to ‚strategic solution selling‘. 

As shown in the diagram above, 2 dimensions need to be addressed: ‚Value Selling‘ AND ‚Strategic Selling‘.

The individual modules such as e.g. the BENEfit SolutionChamp® and the BENEfit SalesChamp® are outlined in the service description.

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