How to turn service-oriented employees into sales-promotional customer advisors.

Service technicians and customer service representatives are expected to meet customer requirements as economically as possible within a specific timeframe. However, this results in a unilateral transaction focus, usually at the expense of a customer-oriented focus on people and processes.

For example, a service technician repairs a defective machine within a short time, but fails to identify the real reasons for the machine failure or to address the optimization of knowhow or workflows by means of taking a broadened view; the opportunity to win the customer over for the improvement of knowhow or processes, which will be revenue-generating later on, has been lost.

The more the salespeople have to focus on new business, the more important it is to break down typical reservations concerning a proactive customer approach regarding improvements of employees with customer care functions and to thus win them over for sales-promotional customer care. 

With this objective in mind, BENEfit has created a development program which begins with the understanding of one’s role in contemporary customer care and ends in an improvement-oriented negotiation. 

The focus of the program is described in the service description of the BENEfit CustomerChamp®.