Established and proven tools for more effect in consulting and sales

In compliance with the methods and procedures marketed by BENEfit, the tools referenced therein are also separately available for professionals.

The most important tool groups include:

  • BENEfit Assessment Tools (BAT) to determine task-relevant competencies
  • BENEfit e-booklets as teaching materials on the most important topics and methods in consulting, sales and customer service
  • Checklists for the creation of sales plans, e.g. the BENEfit StrategyMaps® and the BENEfit SalesMap Suite®

The tools are available in the BENEfit Shop, in part as standalone products and in part also as part of an annual subscription with continuously growing content and value.

BENEfit Shop for individual buyers and subscribers

The shop is still under construction. If you wish to place an order prior to the opening of the shop, please send us an e-mail to info(at)