BENEfit is at your disposal with support and advice.

Use of the BENEfit Assessments requires utmost care combined with basic knowledge in psychology/typology as well as in dealing with test and survey tools.

For this purpose BENEfit offers workshops on a regular basis. These workshops provide an introduction into personality typology and the design of surveys and knowledge tests as well as the easy technical handling of the BENEfit Assessments. Please contact us for more information.

Advice hotline

  • Available for questions concerning our product range, quotations and customized offers.
  • Help with the interpretation of existing or newly created profiles.
  • Reachable via telephone number +41 (0)43 555 02 20 on working days from 9 to17h, or by e-mail.
  • Request for offer.

    Product support

    • Help with setting up assessments, tests and surveys.
    • Contact for technical problems and difficulties.
    • Reachable via telephone number +41 (0)43 555 02 20 with the highest priority.
    • Outside office hours reachable with „best effort“.