Ideal for:

Recruitment, situation analyses, career planning, employee development and team building.

Including 360 degree feedback:

From colleagues, customers, managers etc. Analysis of up to 4 feedback groups individually or collectively.



No fixed costs:

You are not buying software, but a subscription to use the service. This ensures transparent costs per test performed.



BENEfit Personality Profiler

  • To ascertain the personality profile according to Jung/Marston
  • Self-assessment within < 15 minutes
  • Alignment with external opinions
  • Can be conducted in all common languages

BENEfit Selling Profiler

  • To determine the personal sales attitude
  • Self-assessment within < 20 minutes
  • Analysis incl. 360 degree feedback on sales philosophy, strategy and environment

BENEfit Consulting Profiler

  • To determine the personal consulting style
  • Self-assessment and external assessment
  • Self-assessment within < 20 minutes
  • Analysis of different consulting styles

BENEfit Management Profiler

  • To determine behavior patterns and attitudes in leadership situations
  • Self-assessment within < 20 minutes
  • 360 degree functionality in order to include the environment